Nail Salon Miracle

While getting my nails done today, I had the sweetest encounter of humanness and the Holy Spirit.

My regular nail technician is on vacation so I visited a new salon I found on Yelp. I wasn’t going for anything fancy.But, have you ever gone for simple and got so much more? Well, this experience was exactly what I needed today. It was amazing!

I walked into the new place and *Liz, the young woman who would be my nail technician for the day, greeted me and asked me to select my nail color. After selecting my color, she quickly got to work.

Now, I can sometimes be a talkative person but, today my thought was that I would turn on the massage chair and relax. I have a big speaking assignment later on in the evening so I really wanted to be with my thoughts and reflections.

Well, there was another assignment for me and Liz because the complete opposite happened. We talked nonstop!  I didn’t mind at all though because I felt like she needed to talk and I was just blessed to listen to her.

Liz is an attorney in her country of Costa Rica and moved here with her husband for his business. It would be really expensive for her to go to law school (again) in the US so she went to cosmetology school instead and is now a nail technician. We talked about her marriage, her parents, her family and her career in Costa Rica. She shared about her desire of closer friendships here and how tough it is making new friends in a new city. We talked about so much and I was just in awe of how we connected.

While she was talking, I could tell she was a little self-conscious about her accent because she kept apologizing for mispronouncing words. I assured her I was listening and I had no problem understanding one word coming out of her mouth. She smiled so big and kept on talking! 🙂

I was sad to hear how people treat her in this city that she heard was so welcoming. She gets so frustrated at how many clients frown at her  when they hear her accent. I said, “Yeah people can be so ignorant mistaking an accent for a lack of intelligence.” She smiled and said, “That’s so true! That is so TRUE! And I’m really smart!”

At some point in our conversation, she asked me if I believed in God. I told her yes. I asked if she did. She said yes but, that she’s been so worried about stuff and has recently been asking God why stuff is happening. Stuff like why is she doing nails and not practicing law. Questions like how is it all going to work out? How is it going to get better?


US gymnasts Alexandra Raisman, Madison Kocian, Lauren Hernandez, Simone Biles and Gabrielle Douglas celebrate with their gold medals on the podium during the women’s team final Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 9, 2016. / AFP / Emmanuel DUNAND (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

As she was talking, my eyes just welled with tears. I understood asking why. I understood asking how. Lawd knows I understand!

I shared with her something I was reminded of this morning before going to the salon. I may not know the how but I know the Who! Same three letters in different positions. I may not understand all that is happening but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. So even when it doesn’t make sense, I keep pressing.

Y’all at this moment we were both crying! Yes, in the nail salon! I told her to keep going. That He didn’t bring her this far to leave her and as I spoke to her I felt this amazing peace. I laugh now because here were two women who on normal days probably wouldn’t even cross each other’s path but today…today we connected.

She kept telling me thank you & I said nah, thank YOU, as we both sat there just crying, hugging and snotting! I knew that I hadn’t said anything profound, it was simply because I saw her.  And by seeing her, she saw me.

You may be thinking, this is all good but how is this connected to Marvelous University? When I say to girls and young women, you are marvelous, it’s never about looks, achievements, ability or talent. It’s always from a posture of who they were born to be. And when I see people, I see them as who they were created to be. Marvelous. That’s it. And that causes a nail salon miracle.

Oh before I left, I also shared with her something I saw well after 1:00 AM on Twitter this morning. Olympic gold medalist Lauren Hernandez is shown motivating her own self before flying through the air. I was so touched by this because it was a timely reminder of how sometimes you have to encourage yourself, take the leap, and win!

So, look for a miracle today. Look to see human beings. And finally, encourage yourself, take the leap, and win.

*Name has been changed to protect identity and because you don’t really need her real name to hear her story now do you? 🙂