Words that belong on the Words Parents Don’t Want To Hear list.

But, I couldn’t think of any other words to describe the feeling if you miss the EARLY REGISTRATION deadline for the Marvelous Girls’ Summit.

Early Registration closes this Friday. As a friend of Marvelous University, I wanted to make sure the date didn’t get away from you.

For the second year, SMU and Sisters Supporting Sisters, a student group at SMU, will partner with Marvelous University to host the Marvelous Girls’ Summit.

Monday, on dfwiradio.com, I interviewed Jennifer Jones, better known as JJ, the Executive Director of Student Life at SMU. JJ shared about her long tenure at SMU and why this summit is important for middle school girls from SMU’s perspective. Here is the audio of our conversation. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Also, I thought it may be helpful to share a few recently asked questions:

Do I have to pay to register my daughter AND pay to attend the adult workshop?Nope. Your workshop registration is included with her registration.

Do I stay with my daughter for the day? Nope. After you check her in, you’re welcome to enjoy your morning and afternoon. We ask you to join us for the workshop for adult women, which will start at 3:00 PM.

May I register a group of girls? YES! Groups are 5 or more girls in one registration. Girl Scout Troops, soccer teams, dance teams, cousins, friends…come and enjoy the Marvelous Girls’ Summit together.

Hopefully, this friendly reminder is helpful. Please don’t hesitate to email info@marvelousuniversity.com when you think of more questions. We’ll be glad to serve.

With Gratitude,



Me and JJ



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