Our goal is to encourage you to be extraordinary. Through workshops, seminars, coaching, conferences and one-on-one dialogue, we encourage you to reach your full potential, taking action to set your own standards and follow your own unique path in life.

We are here to empower you — to motivate you — because you can help change the world, right now!  

2018-07-30_21-02-59_608Our speakers specifically address your interests and curiosity, working with you to understand what it is you want to learn in order to discover your marvelous self.  We speak to young people, just like you, across the country at schools, corporations, universities, faith-based organizations and a variety of associations.  We also speak to how you can partner your gifts and talents with others who are making an impact in our world. Truth is, we don’t see you as a number — we see you as an individual. We see you and we hear you.


Through our talks we have impacted the lives of over 10,000 students at schools, colleges, leadership camps and educational programs throughout the country with messages of self-respect, self-empowerment and community action.  To view where we have spoken click here.