The Marvelous Girl Coaching Experience

Do you know or have an aspiring marvelous girl who says…

“I think I’m a leader, but I’m not sure.”

“People tell me I shouldn’t be concerned with being popular, but…”

“The adults in my life are great, but sometimes I think they
just don’t get me.”

“I try to be an individual, but sometimes I feel weird and
I’d rather just fit in

If so, don’t worry, you know she is not weird and she’s not alone. In fact, she is more uniquely normal than she realizes. Here at Marvelous University, we admit to wondering many of the same things and as preteens and teens struggled with some of the same stuff.

This is why we created the  Marvelous Girl Coaching Experience, a 6-week private coaching curriculum catered to the needs, development, skills, dreams and schedule of your aspiring marvelous girl.

A coach helps her process these and many other thoughts around being a teen, friendships, relationships, and leadership. More importantly, a coach helps her feel heard, seen and understood. Our motto to girls is you are already marvelous, we’re just here to bring it out!

The Marvelous University Coaching Experience:


Marvelous University offers life coaching and success planning for young people, specializing in leadership development for girls and young women.

  • Coaching is all about connecting.  It is the link between ideas and actions. At Marvelous University, we provide the tools for girls to move from thoughts to RESULTS.
  • According to a recent Harvard report, many boys and girls expressed bias against girls as leaders in powerful professions. At Marvelous University, we believe girls WANT to lead, CAN lead and SHOULD lead. We dissect bias, myths and culture to help girls determine how they want to lead.
  • Society propels our young women into the future, but young women want success NOW. As marvelous girls’ coaches, we teach them how to make good decisions for not just where they WANT TO BE, but where THEY ARE NOW!

“You made me feel so welcomed and honestly, normal.” -Marvelous Girl

What is the investment?

For a limited time, six (6) private sessions are only
$227 per session.

How do I register my aspiring Marvelous Girl?

It’s really easy.  Complete form here or call 469-626-9075.


“You were the one to teach me about my purpose and the belief that everyone and everything good or bad has some sort of purpose.” -Marvelous Girl