Event Listings

Find out where Shanterra is going to be next!

Below is a listing of upcoming talks, appearances, and events.  To learn more or to register email Shanterra!

April 24
Hey Girl, Hey!
Dunbar High School
Fort Worth, TX

April 28
Love Your Jiggle & Skate!
Houston, TX
Love Your Jiggle & Skate

May 6
2018 Young Women of Color Conference
hosted by Choate Rosemary Hall Office of Equity & Inclusion in conjunction with The Ethel Walker School, Loomis Chaffee School & Miss Porter’s School
Wallingford, CT

June 11-22
Marvelous Girls Soar! Summer Camp
Hockaday School
Dallas, TX

June 27-July 7
Girl Captain

July 15-21
Girls Leadership Camp
Meriden, NH

July 28-August 12
South Africa