International Experience

Shanterra is not just a speaker in the United States; her voice has also been shared on international stages. Through a partnership with Girl Captain and Imprinted Abroad, Shanterra traveled to the Kingdom of Morocco, where she delivered workshops to girls on the importance of valuing themselves and others.  Shanterra has also traveled to South Africa to speak on girls’ empowerment issues including creating safe spaces, combating gender-based violence, and anti-bullying.

Kingdom of Morocco

Girl Captain, an Imprinted Tour, took the power of Girl Leadership Camps and headed out into the world.  This summer 13 high school girls traveled to the Kingdom of Morocco for ten powerful days of challenges,  leadership, and adventure.


There were so many wonderful moments to share from helping to make almond oil, to helping facilitate workshops in a village, to riding camels on the beach… this experience was AMAZING! One experience that stands out for Shanterra is that she was able to do a workshop with girls aged 12 and up at the Bayti Center. The Bayti Center is a youth center in Essaouira that focuses on the protection of children against all forms of violence, psychosocial rehabilitation, professional integration of youngsters and the promotion of children rights.

Shanterra spoke in English and her new Moroccan sister, the brilliant, beautiful, Cornell University student, Soumaya, translated for her. Through this workshop, Shanterra was able to get American girls, a girl from China and Moroccan girls to see we have SO MUCH in common and together we can really change the world.


South Africa

Through the U.S. Mission South Africa, Shanterra was invited to participate in a traveling speaking program on girls empowerment issues including creating safe spaces, combating gender-based violence, and anti-bullying.  Programs took place in Cape Town, East London, Johannesburg, & Durban, as well as select cities where women and girls face the highest number of issues such as domestic violence and assault.

What a marvelous time! Shanterra spoke directly to girls on how they can feel confident in trusting their intuition, especially in situations relating to sexual harassment and consent.  She also conducted bullying workshops for both male and female youth audiences as well as teachers, parents, and youth development professionals. Shanterra even conducted a gender-based violence workshop to students at the University of Fort Hare to a standing room only lecture hall.

A key component of Shanterra’s time in South Africa was the opportunity to train youth development professionals on youth needs and youth development. Through these trainings, adults were equipped with knowledge and language to improve their work with the young people they serve. Development directors also learned more effective ways to write grants, educate the community on their work, and change their approach to working with young people.

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Another highlight was that the U.S. Embassy to South Africa purchased 100 copies of Shanterra’s inspirational book to middle school and high schools,  Love Your Jiggle: The Girls’ Guide To Being Marvelous and distributed them in each city.


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