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There is something about you that makes you uniquely YOU.

There is something within that makes you exceptional, not only in the eyes of the adults who provide the food in your refrigerator, but you’re special to others. Whether it’s your BFF or a teacher who looks forward to you walking in the room, you bring something to the space.

Problem is, we rarely feel that way. We rarely feel like there’s anything remarkable about us or that we have anything to offer. But you DO! You were born to be marvelous before you showed up in the room, you were designed to be amazing and give fantastic contributions to your school, your family, your community, your world.

Marvelous University is here to help you see that truth, embrace that truth and go and be that truth!

Below are some inspirational messages to young people like you that I’ve had the honor of sharing across the country.  Take a listen and find that MARVELOUS part of you inside!



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Radio interview 107.9 FM Atlantis, about 50 km outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Here Shanterra shared tips for working with youth and combatting teen bullying.

Audio: Pearls of Wisdom interview with Katherin Barner 2016-11-19_12-45-36_293

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