New Year Invitation

Happy New Year Marvelous University blog followers! If you’ve read any newspaper, scrolled through your FaceBook timeline, watched television or even just walked outside, you know that now more than ever, you MUST commit  to support and empower the young people in your life. This is my mission and a call to us all.

As I reflect on 2015, I can’t help but notice that I was living and doing Marvelous University before I started Marvelous University. It is who I am and what I love.

For some, you’ve had the chance to see me speak and we’ve partnered to remind young people they were born to be marvelous. For others, let 2016 be the year where you  invite me to speak at a school, organization, church, or private group for your colleagues, students, parent group, friends, and family.

Learn how to have the critical conversations and prepare the young people you care about to successfully tackle challenges and embrace opportunities. Coaching sessions for students and parents available. Let’s work together to PREPARE LEADERS of TODAY! Help them realize just how  MARVELOUS they truly are!

Thank you all in advance for your help to ensure the success of Marvelous University. I hope that the New Year brings an overflow of love, peace, and blessings to you and yours.

With Gratitude,
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