Cash for College

Raise your hand if you ever wonder why it costs so much to attend college in the USA?

*Raises both hands*

It’s been a mystery to me for a while now, and I have yet to understand why the cost of education raises thousands of dollars each year.

I have a friend, Adebisi, who has been working to understand this too. In fact, she helps college-bound Millennials define why they want to attend college and how to pay for it to graduate college debt-free! Yes, you read that correctly – DEBT-FREE! It is not easy work, but it is definitely doable.

Shanterra and Adebisi - SocMed Post v2

That is why I am partnering with her to bring you a FREE, online workshop this Sunday, August 28 at 4pm CT on how to earn scholarships and graduate college debt-free. This workshop is for college-bound students and their parents/guardians. It will provide valuable information whether you are aiming to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Come prepared with your questions as I facilitate and Adebisi discusses this hot topic.

Click here to register for this free webinar!

– Shanterra

(Also, if you’re unable to make the indicated time, there will be a replay. You must register to have access to the replay so go ahead and register) 🙂

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