The day was perfect! I really liked making new friends that I could ACTUALLY have fun with and relate to.


The first word I uttered the morning of October 28th and it’s the same word I kept repeating throughout the day.

Wow. Wow! WOW!

October 28, 2017, was the second Marvelous Girls’ Summit. A day for girls to be themselves and to be reminded that they were born to be marvelous. It was also created for girls to be more than what’s expected, more than what’s required and more than what’s modeled. And based on the evaluations from the attendees and the testimonials from parents, we achieved our goal!

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The Marvelous Girls’ Summit 2017 Sponsors

Marvelous University, in partnership with Sisters Supporting Sisters and SMU, hosted the Marvelous Girls’ Summit (#MGS17) for middle school girls in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center at SMU. It was truly an unforgettable and totally, wonderful marvelous day. We were graced with girls from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, plus middle schoolers who traveled from Houston.



Last year, Houston won our “who came the farthest” contest. But, this year, one of our marvelous girls flew in all the way from… CHICAGO!

Thank You

There are sooo many thank you’s to give. I didn’t want to wait to express my gratitude so the Monday after #MGS17, I took to Facebook Live to give a public thank you to our sponsors and volunteers. These unselfish folks and organizations helped make sure the day was a marvelous success! We can’t thank them enough for the generous gifts of their time and monetary contributions. They also provided prizes for the parents and the attendees. Our sponsors are amazing!

One sponsor the marvelous girls spent a lot of time with was The LAB Photo Booth. Can you think of one middle school girl who does not like to take pictures? And even if she doesn’t, add a boa and a pair of fancy sunglasses and I can almost guarantee, camera shyness leaves the room. 📸

I may have shed a tear or two of JOY while looking at the photos. A bonus was the pictures of the girls with their mentors and parents. So much personality and so much fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are so grateful to the LAB, for another marvelous partnership. Seriously, if you ever need a photo booth for your party or event, please partner with the LAB Photo Booth. You will be so glad you did!



#MGS17 T-shirt

Another returning partner was Ricochet Promotions, who designed and provided our beautiful t-shirts and drawstring gift bags. You know you have a great shirt when moms and mentors want t-shirts for themselves (#score)! 🙂

And have I mentioned the volunteers? The day would have been impossible without the marvelous volunteers! There aren’t enough words or ways to thank them for how my heart overflows with gratitude. My family volunteered. Friends volunteered, even traveling from Atlanta, Chicago, and Meriden, as in New Hampshire!


The MGS17 Team (missing JJ)


Brook & Shanterra: We are who we ARE!

If you’ve read this blog before,  you’ve heard me talk about Brook Raney and Girls Leadership Camp. Brook and GLC have been my summer highlight for the past seven years.

This is when I travel to New Hampshire and partner with Brook to teach girls about friendships and jiggle love, eat wonderful gelato, kayak down the Connecticut River and basically have the time of my life. All while remembering GLC’s motto: I am who I am!

Well, this fall, Brook came to Dallas to celebrate the Marvelous Girls’ Summit and she was a GIFT! She lead our icebreakers and made sure the girls had crazy fun while getting to know one another. 2017-10-28_09-08-34_130When she wasn’t connecting with the attendees and college women, Brook also served as the make-sure-all-kids-under-seven-have-the-perfect-day person. 🙂 She’s amazing!

And, another plus? Brook finally got to meet my BFFLS, Brandi Brown, who once again, served as my planning and execution partner. I am extremely thankful!

This day was perfect. Nothing needs to be changed. It was very helpful to speak things out loud. Also, I loved the college students. They were very nice!

The day would not have been nearly as fun, energized, and successful without my mentor, Jennifer Jones, Executive Director of Student Life at SMU and Sisters Supporting Sisters. The attendees LOVED these intelligent, fun, and gifted young women who served as emcee’s, group leaders, tour guides and all-around marvelous examples.

They were truly a blessing, not only to me but most importantly, to all the girls who attended the Marvelous Girls’ Summit.

“I loved my mentors. They were AMAZING!” 

The Marvelous Runway

#MGS17 would not have been great without Sisters Supporting Sisters, the LAB Photo Booth, and all the volunteers! And there is another highlight of the day. FASHION!

Leah Frazier and Arden Eiland presented our Fashionista or Close Enough workshop and they were MARVELOUS!

Fashionpreneur, Leah Frazier, was such a huge hit at last year’s summit that we had to have her back. Arden is a freshman in high school who attended the summit last year. I follow her on Instagram and she has a great eye for fashion. Oh, and her mom and I have been friends since 7th grade 🙂 #YayDeSoto


Arden, me, Randi

Creating spaces for girls to be their marvelous selves is what Marvelous University is all about and after following Arden on IG and reading her blog, I just knew her voice would fit perfectly with Leah’s. I also knew she would be a great example to other girls on following your dreams and using your voice, regardless of age. They were a fantastic team!


Fashionista or Close Enough presenters, Arden and Leah

The girls loved this workshop! An addition that made the workshop memorable was the generosity of the Dallas Galleria. Leah and Arden were allowed to pull clothes and accessories from Forever 21 and Apricot Lane to use for their interactive workshop. #winningDSC_0061
The marvelous girls were able to view different looks and choose the style they prefer to rock. The highlight though was each girl practicing her confident walk on our runway. I cannot express how much this touched me. Attachment-1 (9)I was in tears watching each girl walk her brave self down the runway and receive cheers from her new friends.

“I loved everything! It was really empowering and inspiring. I especially loved the fashion part because the cheering crowd was a major confidence booster.”

As you can tell, the day was…okay, I’m not going to say it but, you’re thinking it… om_logoWe laughed together, shared with one another, reflected on how to love our jiggle and made promises to be brave and take safe risks! The girls even had a chance to see SMU’s campus.

“I wish I could come next year. Also, you should open it to freshman because I am in 8th grade and want to come back.”


JJ (middle) with her proteges

Hopefully, this post gives you insight into the most amazing day. I know it was longer than what I typically write but, there was so much good stuff to share. The Marvelous Girls’ Summit started off as a vision in my heart last year and we saw it come to light.

Right up until the day of #MGS17, there were many reminders that there are people who believe, support, pray, encourage and partner with me because they believe in the vision, too. And with them (YOU included) we will reach the goal of reminding 20K girls by 2020 that they were born to be marvelous!

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. Have a Marvelous Monday and a wonderful week!

With Gratitude,


One more moment:
There is more to come from Marvelous University so stay tuned. We’re planning something for high school girls so make sure you’re subscribed to this page to hear about it first. 🙂

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    Aw love this!!!!!!!

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    • November 13, 2017 at 10:38 am

      Thank you for your influence & partnership, Leah! 🤗

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