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Attention High School Girls! 🙌💗💜💚

Happy New Year! I hope this note finds you absolutely marvelous! I’m stopping in quickly to say thank you. Thank you for asking and thank you for waiting. You have been so patient in your waiting. You have asked nicely: So, when are you going to do an event for high school girls? 🙂 Or,…

She’s Not Ignoring It.

Because language is important.  Because words are important. Because experiences are important, I thought it would be a good idea to post this blog again. 

I hope that you’re already having this discussion with your preteens and teens. I hope this enhances the conversation. And if you’re not having the discussion yet, I ask you to talk about it.


So she can be aware and be prepared.

Be Happy

How do you rejoice with others if you’re still waiting on your “reason” for rejoicing?

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by people who seem to all be receiving the answers to their prayers or being granted whatever they’ve been waiting on or hoping for? Meanwhile, YOU are still waiting on YOUR good thing.

How do you respond to this with happiness? Especially when you’re like “HEY, can I get a breakthrough?”

The Do-Over

“Will I go kayaking again? Sure, if I have to, which means, if a mentee needs me to go, I’ll go,” (Shanterra McBride, July 28, 2015). Words written in the previous post, as I shared my story of kayaking for the first time. In the spirit of being transparent, I admitted that it was an experience…

Marvelous Monday

What a MARVELOUS MONDAY! Why? Well, not only did I wake up and have a chance to be an active participant in this day, but it’s MARVELOUS because I had a fantastic weekend with two of my younger cousins, Latrice and Shanice. They are first cousins to one another and 3 months apart. It was fantastic because not…