3 Tips on How to Prevent Your Daughter From Being Bullied

Dear Parents of Daughters, 

This post is written with you in mind.  As you may know, October is National Bullying Prevention Month & starting Monday, here at Marvelous University, we will tackle this important issue and offer tips on prevention. Yes, prevention. I learned years ago that bullying does not have to be and should not be a rite of passage. This is why I’m giving 3 tips to prevent your daughter from being bullied. And in case you’re wondering, unfortunately, keep her away from all other girls until she is 27, is not one of the tips.  

I’m sure you’re wondering how this will work, right? Well, for the rest of October, on Marvelous Monday, I will introduce a new tip here. I welcome your thoughts so please leave feedback or comments right here on the site. 

We’re also going to try something relatively new. Blogging is great and I certainly enjoy writing, but I am a speaker first. So I hope you’ll join me on Periscope at 6:30 pm (CST) the following day for #talkback Tuesday. Even though I’m still new to the “scope,” I imagine it will be a great time to connect with you and get your thoughts on the tip of the week. I would also love to hear from your daughters. She can scope with you or at least get you going 🙂

I believe October is going to be life changing! Trust me, I know bullying is tough to talk about.  I also know these tips will change how we discuss bullying and more importantly how we prevent it. More than anything, I believe the tips will be invaluable to your resource kit of how to partner in the development of marvelous girls and young women

I look forward to connecting with you Monday! 


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