Stop Winging It!

Good Tuesday to you! 

I don’t know about you but, yesterday was indeed a Marvelous Monday! One of the reasons it was so marvelous is because I got the chance to catch up with Alex, the awesome president and gracious leader of the church youth group during my first year as a youth director. I have learned, when a young person is home from college and wants to spend time with you, you make the time! Alex is currently finishing up her first year at Xavier University in New Orleans. See my grin? I am so proud ofimg_5772 her! 🙂

After our lunch, I thought about the questions I prepared before meeting her. She probably thought we were just chatting but, I am very intentional when it comes to my relationships with young people. As I drove to meet her, I prayed and asked for wisdom. I also thought about specific questions and answers to listen for. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve never shared my process with anyone, specifically my mentees. It’s important to me that they feel like we’re just catching up even though there is a method to my marvelousness 😊 A good mentor doesn’t just pull stuff out of the air, even if it looks like we do. 

As I kept thinking about the time with Alex, I wondered how often do we wing it when it comes to working with or even parenting young people. I see it happening more than it should and we can’t keep doing the same stuff and expect miracles. 

Instead of just asking myself these questions, I jumped on Facebook Live to share some thoughts. Here is the link for the replay in case you missed it.


This winging it phenomenon is just one of the reasons I’m hosting the Marvelous Moms & Mentors seminar this Saturday. I hope you’re able to join us. We will engage in life-changing conversations about how you and other adult women have a huge role in how your marvelous girl views FRIENDSHIPS, BODY IMAGE, and SEX. Mixed with humor, research and yes, FUN, we will get to the practical ways of how to get her to be who you know she can be!

Space is limited so reserve your seat by Thursday!

Remember, you don’t have to do this parenting and mentoring thing alone. Create the village you need and use us to help in the positive development of your marvelous girl! 

Questions? Feel free to email me or give call 469-317-7429.

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