Love Your Jiggle & Skate

To all of our friends and marvelous girls in the Houston area, good news! Marvelous University is coming to HOUSTON!!

Attachment-1 (5)Hype Freedom School, in partnership with Marvelous University, will host Love Your Jiggle & Skate, an interactive workshop where girls in the 6th – 8th grades will make friends, make moves and make memories.


Middle school girls are wonderful, curious, marvelous and HYPE! But, you’d have a hard time convincing them of this, especially with the messages they receive from our culture.

Instead, girls believe everything is changing without their consent and that’s because everything is changing without their consent. This constant change means friendships can get confusing, perceptions about body image can be intimidating and middle school can just flat out be a different challenge every single day.

For these reasons and many more, middle school girls need a place where they can connect with other girls, laugh out loud, let off some steam and be reminded that they are MARVELOUS!

Through Love Your Jiggle & Skate, Hype Freedom School & Marvelous University will create this place!

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Click the picture below to register and share with your friends because no one should miss this! See you on the 28th!

Love Your Jiggle & Skate

(thank you in advance, for your flexibility) 🙂 

8:30 AM Registration and Drop-off
9:00 AM Welcome & Logistics
9:15 AM “Friendship Is…” conversation
9:45 AM Marvelous Girls Move (Skate)
10:15 AM “Love Your Jiggle Part I” conversation
10:45 AM Marvelous Girls Move (Skate)
11:15 AM “Love Your Jiggle Part II” conversation
11:45 PM Closing Activity
12:00 PM Pick Up (Marvelous Girls Move)

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